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This is the ONE THING you can do to create, correct or improve your results.

Up until now, there were only three ways to write a course:

1. Buy a course on how to create a course (most courses stink)
2. Buy a done-for-you service (expensive)
3. Go at it alone (time-consuming and frustrating).

Now, for the first time, introducing our new service gives you direct access to Christine, our Director of Curriculum.

You will get one-on-one instructions on exactly what to change in your course.  It doesn’t matter what platform you sell it on.

Christine is the former Director of Content Development for Tony Robbins and is a rock star.

Because of the nature of this, we can only offer this to the first 50 people who sign up.




You had great intentions when you created your online course. Then the cold hard reality hit you. Your students were not completing their courses. They weren’t buying anything else from you either. You had to deal with customer support, refunds and deep down feeling like a fraud. It’s not your fault

Maybe you’ve had a similar experience as a student–didn’t get through the online course. You felt overwhelmed and unhappy that you didn’t get the result (outcome) you hoped for.

And you felt remorse that you wasted more money and did not get any results

As a course creator, you followed the instructions from the “guru” who told you it would be easy. It wasn’t. Like most online course creators, you know your course is broken. But at the same time have no idea what do do.

There is a science behind how people learn and if you don’t know that, you’re going to get in trouble.

Take it from me, this was a problem we needed to solve for our clients like Digital Marketer. They have trained thousands who then go out and market for themselves and for clients.

There is one thing that has become clear to me after thousands of interactions with course creators. Many of you are not ready to invest $20,000 plus to have my team design, build, write and manage your online course and platform. Especially after spending money on funnels, ads, and courses–all that have failed you. 

So we decided to do something outrageous.

We’re providing access to Christine to run our one-on-one diagnostic service. During this engagement, you get the EXACT steps you need to fix your online course.

  • What would it be like to know exactly what you need to do to make your course profitable?
  • Do you think you’d have happier students?
  • Less Refunds?
  • More money?
  • Satisfaction in knowing you helped your students get the outcome they paid you for?

To assure your success, we are adding in our course on How To Create An Impactful Online Course. This is a one-two punch that will transform your business and jump-start the cash flow.

There is one catch, we can only sell 50 of these one-on-one experiences.

Christine, who also runs our Curriculum Design Department will personally work with you.


Quickly isolate the EXACT STEPS you need to take to transform your online course into a raving success.


Allow you to increase your course prices

Decrease advertising costs to acquire new clients

Create more passive income

Create a raving fan base of students who will buy any course you create


Don't believe us? Here's what some of our clients had to say. Become our next success story!

How It Works

Our Director of Curriculum design will go through your online course or membership site just like one of your students

As she is going through your course, she will be assessing your site with our proprietary 50+ point assessment documenting issues and areas for improvement.

This Deep Dive’s diagnostic checklist is based on years of experience creating courses that impact based on instructional design best practices, and Client Engagement Academy’s proprietary blend of best practices.

What’s Included

  • Client Engagement Academy's-conducted Deep Dive’s diagnostic
  • Results of your Deep Dive diagnostic
  • 1-hour call with the Director of Curriculum Design
  • Recordings of your Diagnostic Calls
  • Transcript of your call
  • A comprehensive plan of next actions
  • 1-year access to CEA’s training portal.

The Process

  • Complete your purchase.
  • Get introduced to the team members that will help you.
  • Send us access to your course.
  • We devour your course and identify the areas for big wins.
  • Scheduled a one-hour zoom meeting with our Director of Curriculum Design
  • During your hour... your actionable ideas and implementation plan are revealed.
  • You implement the plan.
  • You do the happy dance!

Combine the Diagnostic Program with the bonuses you get and you have EVERYTHING you need to be successful.

When You Purchase Online Course Diagnostics Intensive, You Can Enjoy These Extra Bonuses For FREE!

BONUS #1: How to Create An Impactful Online Course ($1,997 Value)

Impactful Online Course takes course developers through a modified “backward design” process to create courses that are focused on achieving realistic and measurable results for their students.

Through videos, reflection, and hands-on assignments, entrepreneurs and experts walk through the process step by step, so they feel confident in moving forward with the completion of their courses. The course is a blend of instructional design and motivation theories and practical application.

  • 8 Core Video Modules
  • 8 Handouts
  • 5 Worksheets
  • 8 Quizzes
  • Digital Badge and Diploma upon completion

BONUS #2: Course Builders Spreadsheet (Value $497)

  • This document is the exact document we use to build every client’s course. It’s been worked and re-worked continually for years. This document will improve your life.

BONUS #3 Look Over My Shoulder, Learn and Experience The #1 Digital Education Platform In The World (Value $1,497)

  • Experience what it feels like to be a student in a $50,000 online education platform.
  • Get access to group tours of successful online courses and platforms.
  • Learn, practice and experience in real-time.
  • Feel our methodologies that have produced +600% better results than the averages.

BONUS #4  Mike Weiss  Speaking Presentations.($497 Value)

  • Bonus Presentation Introduction:

Get access to Mike’s presentations on interesting topics on creating outcomes in the digital marketing space.

  • Digital Marketer and Traffic Conversation 2016 Talk:

Mike covers some fundamental things that need to take place in your online education platform. Including a dissection of the broken business model and how to automatically get your customers to share their success stories for you and create a viral social loop.

  • Memberium Live Workshop Talk:

Get ready to learn about the strategy of the online education process and E-learning sites, the go-to-market strategy, how to launch, and how to successfully launch pricing models. Mike Weiss shares how you can launch a site while reducing your cost to acquire new customers, increase your profit margins, and get leads for free. 

BONUS #5 Client Only Facebook Group ($297.00 value)

  • Inside the CEA Exclusive Facebook group you’ll have access to a community of LIKE-MINDED marketers and course creators…
  • Ask them questions, share your strategies, & use the SUPPORT OF THE GROUP to never get left behind
  • Make sure you Always Have Guidance in your journey... Get any of your questions answered within 72 hours by me personally or by our team.

BONUS #6 3-Month Access “Help Me Tech Geek” Live Membership Group Q&A ($291 Value)

  • Find out what's working and what's not
  • Monthly technology deep-dive live sessions. Technology can be complex. Our team helps you figure out what's best for you.
  • Q & A where you get your questions answered.


Online Course Diagnostic Intensive Black Friday Special

Online Course Diagnostic Intensive ($1,997.00 Value) 

Bonus: Impactful Online Course Creation 8 Modules (Value $1497)

Bonus: Course Builders Spreadsheet Suite ($497 Value)

Bonus: Look over My Shoulder, Learn and Experience
The #1 Digital Education Platform In The World ($1497 Value)

Bonus: Recordings Of Digital Marketer Traffic and Conversion
Talk & My Memburium Live Workshop Talk ($497 Value)

Bonus:  Client Only Facebook Group ($297.00 Value)

Bonus: 3-Month Access “Help Me Tech Geek” Live Membership Group Q&A ($291 Value)


Total value: $6,279

Limited Time Offer: $697

A Value Of $6,276 for only $697 when you sign up today!