The Definitive Cheat Sheet For Finding Your Perfect Customer

Learn This Often Ignored Source of Income and Profit

Common sense would suggest that you wouldn’t market a bathing suit to an Eskimo. The same applies to course creation. You wouldn’t create your course without knowing who you are creating it for.

Your success depends on creating courses only for those who want to learn what you have to teach. It is suicide to  create your course without knowing EXACTLY who your audience is.

This is the most common step missed when course creators start creating courses.

Do this right and income and profit will skyrocket. Do it wrong and you will not succeed no matter how amazing you think your course is.

In This Easy to Implement Cheat Sheet Find Out:
  • What is a persona and how that applies to your students
  • Know exactly WHO you are teaching before you start.
  • Know their problems, frustrations, goals and challenges so that you can design a course that gives them EXACTLY what they need.

Download this step-by-step worksheet now.


Mike Weiss, Founder

I formed Client Engagement Academy to solve the problems of online education platforms. When I started, only 3-12% of students were completing their courses. Not only did they fail to learn what they wanted to, course creators suffered.
Now that have isolated the reasons for this, I am on a mission to show others how to create an impact with their courses. As a result, course creators who follow my methods have successful platforms. 40-80% of their students complete their study. They have raving fans who buy everything they produce.
I created this cheat sheet to start you on the journey to having that level of success too.

Trust me, this worksheet will help you stop guessing at who you are talking to. Take your courses to the next level! It’s a time-saver and a money-maker.

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