Take The Guess Work Out of Course Creation

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Many course creators consider their job is done once they have some sales.
That is very far from true. Once someone has purchased your course, they need to get the benefit you promised them. If they don’t, you will see higher than average refunds and almost no repeat business. More critical is that at some point you will feel like you are cheating your students. They didn’t make progress and finish. You didn’t do what you promised. They didn’t get that skill that they wanted. Everybody suffers.
But this doesn’t have to be the case and this is something you can solve. And the funny thing it is something you need to do BEFORE you record a word of your course and create your sales copy.
You wouldn’t drive across country without a map.  So why would you create a course without mapping out EXACTLY what you’re teaching?
The design and sequence of your course is the single most important piece missing when creating your courses.  Take the guesswork on how to map out your course creation and download our free worksheet to show you the exact steps to take.
In This Worksheet Find Out:
  • How to Use Backward Design
  • The 6 Step Design Map
  • Defining Objectives
  • How to Use Minimum Design
  • How to Ensure Students Actually Understand What You’re Teaching

Download this step-by-step worksheet now.


Mike Weiss, Founder

I formed the Client Engagement Academy to solve the problems of online education platforms. When I started, only 3-12% of students were completing their courses. Not only did they fail to learn what they wanted to, but course creators also suffered.  

I have isolated the reasons why this happens. I am now on a mission to show others how to create an impact with their courses.  As a result, course creators who follow my methods have successful platforms. 40-80% of their students complete their studies. They have raving fans who buy everything they produce. 

 I created this worksheet to give you an advantage when planning out the content of your course.

 This worksheet will help you give you the exact steps I use to create successful courses.  Use this, and you will have enthusiastic students who will buy everything you produce.

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